About My Cat Villa

Our goal at My Cat Villa is to provide peace of mind to the responsible pet owner by offering a safe, clean and comfortable facility, staffed by knowledgeable, animal-loving professionals!
Our pets are very special to us. They enrich our lives daily and provide us with a unique kind of companionship, not available with our other contacts in life. In our absence, our special friends deserve the best caregivers we can find and a clean and secure environment.

Cat Boarding

cat_boardingWe offer kitty rooms, mulch-level and expandable condos to allow for more space or to allow felines from the same family to live together, as well as spacious window suites. All of our accommodations feature soft beds and kitty toys! Our guests are fed twice daily and are looked after by our meticulous caretakers who closely monitor and fuss over each kitty.

While your cat(s) stay with us, you may choose to add on additional services for their comfort. We provide a wide array of options for the cats from interactive play times to grooming sessions. Please check out our rates and reservation page to view what we have to offer.

Our Services


  • Spacious suites with comfortable bed equipped. A total of 62 rooms. Each stay customizable to your needs and preference


  • Pre-shower massage for cats to de-stress and adapt
  • Grooming services available


  • Super-premium, nutritious cat food from Blackwood and Royal Canin
  • Provided day and night, twice a day
  • We provide premium treats and wet food from Greenies and Natural Balance for our guests from time to time to help in maintaining their best behavior


  • Twice a day cleaning for all hotel rooms
  • We use 100% eco-friendly litter boxes that grabs, holds and inhibits odor
  • Our litter box sand comes with odor-neutralising carbon bonded to premium clay granules. Carbon eliminates odors by grabbing and holding them to its surface. An antimicrobial agent is also added to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria


  • Purified air to allow better health and pleasant surroundings
  • Air conditioned environment
  • Fresh air will be let in time to time for better air quality control


  • Purified soft water, chlorine and crystal free
  • Advanced technology water softener: removes substances causing water hardness by using Na+ cation exchange resin

Health and Safety

  • Meticulous attention to details will be given in the caring of our guests to provide them with a homely and safe environment. This is to ensure our guests stay contented and healthy at all times


  • Get your questions answered by the Cat Whisperer himself

Villa Rates


  • Basic Grooming
    • Clean ears, eyes and nose
    • Nail trim
    • Warm shower with shampoo and conditioner
    • Blow dry
  • Ticks and fleas treatment
  • Brushing

Guest Entry Policy

Guests are required to be:

  • Over 3 months, and less than 12 years old as they tend to be sensitive with acclimation to new and unfamiliar environment
  • Neutered (Unneutered guests are not allowed to share rooms)
  • Vaccinated
  • Fleas/ticks/mites free
  • Sickness free
  • Rabies free

Veterinary Care

  • We do not accept sick cats or those with communicable diseases but if your cat has medication for a general or age-related condition please discuss with us.  There may be an extra daily charge to give medication. We are sorry we cannot accept cats requiring injectable meds, e.g. diabetic cats on insulin.
  • In the unlikely event that your cat becomes unwell during its’ holiday and, in our opinion, requires veterinary attention then this will be arranged. We will first discuss concerns with you (or your chosen emergency contact person) if possible then refer to our regular vet (who may liaise with your cat’s own vet if indicated). This will be at the owner’s cost.


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